A Benefit to Protect Our Planet

Wednesday, October 11, 2023
3:30pm – 5:30pm ET / 12:30pm – 2:30pm PT

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About the Benefit

We’re fighting for three fundamental goals: sustainable food, clean water and a livable climate for all. We’ve proven that when we work together, we can take on corporations that endanger these rights – and win. They may have deep pockets, but we have dedicated champions like you on our side. Because of you, our grassroots movement has the power to win – no matter the odds.

Schedule at a Glance

3:30pm EST

Welcome & Keynote

Jane Fonda
Actor, activist and founder of the Jane Fonda Climate PAC

Wenonah Hauter
Founder & Executive Director
Food & Water Watch

Vic Barrett
Plaintiff, Juliana v U.S. climate lawsuit

Elise Joshi
Executive Director
Gen-Z for Change

Welcome to Against All Odds! We’ll kick off the conference with a special introduction from actor and activist Jane Fonda. Whether your motivation is to preserve a healthy planet for the young people you love, or to inherit a world and future where you can thrive, each generation has something valuable to contribute. Through a conversation with youth activists Elise Joshi, Executive Director of Gen-Z for Change, and Vic Barrett, a plaintiff in the Juliana v. United States climate lawsuit against the federal government, we’ll discuss the future of activism and the role we all play in building a better future.

4:05pm EST

Session 1: Harnessing Hope in the Face of Climate Anxiety

Dr. Sarah Jaquette Ray
Professor and author of A Field Guide to Climate Anxiety: How to Keep Your Cool on a Warming Planet

The constant barrage of bad news about climate change — rising temperatures, extreme weather events, increasing pollution — can feel overwhelming and insurmountable and cause what’s known as climate anxiety. You’re not alone! In this session, you’ll learn from expert Sarah Jaquette Ray, author of A Field Guide to Climate Anxiety: How to Keep Your Cool on a Warming Planet. Together, we’ll explore strategies for engaging with feelings of anxiety, grief and despair — but also joy — and why this is so important for building our resiliency in our fight for a more just and regenerative world.

4:35pm EST


4:45pm EST

Session 2: The 2024 Political Landscape: What Lies Ahead for Climate Activism

Assembly Member Emily Gallagher
New York’s 50th District

Claire Gates
Food & Water Watch Volunteer

Mitch Jones
Managing Director of Advocacy Programs and Policy
Food & Water Watch

The outcome of the 2024 presidential election will shape the next four years of climate policy — a critical period when we must take urgent action to end our reliance on fossil fuels. Food & Water Watch is poised to step into action and ensure our elected representatives prioritize our food, water, and climate. Learn from experts about why we need to elect more climate champions, how we can pressure candidates — and our current elected officials — to take stronger stances on climate issues, and how you can get involved.

5:15pm EST

Celebrating our Honorees

Dr. Sandra Steingraber
Biologist, author, and anti-fracking activist

Dr Alan and Karen Warren
Food & Water Watch activists

Food & Water Watch is proud to honor Dr. Sandra Steingraber and Dr Alan and Karen Warren for their commitment to protecting our planet. Sandra was instrumental in the fight to ban fracking in New York, and by bringing the science to the public and policymakers, she continues to be a leader in the fight to end our reliance on fossil fuels. Alan and Karen are passionate activists who are committed to protecting our democratic institutions, expanding voting rights, and electing climate champions.

Our 2023 Sponsors

This celebration is made possible by the care and generosity of our sponsors. Thank You!

Lead Sponsor

Nancy Hughes

Karen and Dr Alan Warren

Manaaki Foundation


Lynne and Karen Azarchi

Madeleine Glick

Mike and Beth Kelley


Madelaine Haberman and Michael Sprung

Alan Snitow

Carol Soderholm

Diana Wge and Time Sherogan

Susan Weltman and Steven Jervis

Cloud Mountain Foundation


Marilyn and Don Allan

Nancy Bernstein

Susan McKown Gladstone

Ann Logan

Craig Merrilees and Diana Cohn

Jon Pope

Lisa Schubert

Janet Shapiro

Jeffrey Shulman

Zephyr Teachout


Our Supporters


Chuck Bell

Vincent Brancato

Dominik Eckenstein

Suzannah Glidden

Polly H. Howells

Marion Hunt

Lara and Ron Katzman

Carol A. Kurtz

Gail Shields-Miller and Andrew Miller

Paul Rogovin

Barbara C. Kyse

Mary Thomas

Susan Van Dolsen

Judy Wicks

JSA ESG Impact


Helen Altieri

Patricia Arpin

Bonita Beard

Meredith Begin

Terese Bloom

Barbara Burge

Phillip D. Chonigman

Jonimarie Clemens

Tamara Celements

Andrea Eisenberg

Gloria Foster

Zvi Galil

Sarah M. Gates

Daniele Gerard

Eric & Rhonda Greenberg

Mark Grossman

Fred Harrison

Anne Heaney & Nat Johnson

Constance M. Hoguet

Hannah Johnson

Jennifer Kolarsick

Jan Mardfin

Eileen McInerney

Deborah A. Milkowski

Mark Mulvoy

Matthew O’Neill

Christy Pennoyer

Heather Perlmutter

Elliot Prigozen

Marian Ronan

Clare Rosenfiedl

Tracy Russek

Matthew Ryan

Ken Schles

Catherine F. Skopic

Richard Stuckey

Joyce Thibodeaux

Anne Todd and Frederick Osborn III

Walter Tsou

Ellen Vandevisse

Tina Volz-Bongar

Jennifer Watts

Elaine Weir

Jackie Weisberg


A Benefit To Protect Our Planet

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