BAME Online

#BAMEOnline Conference 2023

July 2023

#BAMEOnline will be coming back in July 2023!

This is the charity conference like no other, where we explore how the legacy of imperialism, colonialism and racism underpin the charity and philanthropic landscape. We will be speaking with some of the most innovative change makers in the charity space and having challenging conversations about our complicity in a system we are trying to dismantle.

We will talk about the realities of doing anti-racist work, community centic fundraising, the charity industrial complex, empire, leadership, radical imagination, joy and so much more. If you are thinking about how to build anti-racism into your work, this conference is for you. #BAMEOnline isn’t just for people of colour, anti-racism is everybody’s business.

Our conference centres bravery, creativity and joy so as usual there will be laughter, tears, dancing and hype – and that’s just from our hosts Martha and Cam!

More details coming soon.


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