#BAMEOnline Conference 2023

Thursday 27th July at 12-5pm BST

Welcome to the fourth annual #BAMEOnline Conference!

This year we will be asking one question: Can the Revolution be Funded?

But we’ve all been feeling it right? We are on the precipice of change; funders are no longer able to bury their colonial past, leaders can no longer deny that anti-racism is at the heart of achieving mission.

#BAMEOnline Conference 2023 will bring together dreamers who are inviting us to imagine a future free from white supremacy, patriarchy, imperialism and all the other forms of oppression and domination that stop us from being truly free.

There are activists, organisers and creatives who are already building this future in their communities. They are already showing us what an anti-racist future looks like. Yet these
are the organisations, groups and people who are least likely to get funded, as they could reinvent society as we know it.

If you want to unlearn oppressive systems that rely on fear, scarcity and control and learn what it means to be in solidarity with oppressed people, this conference is for you.

If you want to be part of the struggle for anti-racist future (and we all have a role to play) join us on Thursday 27th July at 12-5pm for the most brilliant anti-racism conference in the UK charity sector, curated by Martha with love.

Your hosts will be Martha Awojobi and Camille St-omer Donaldson. Watch this space for the 2023 programme!

Tickets are pay what you can which means that anyone can join if they have internet – if you can pay for another person’s ticket please do. We will also be splitting profits with
small organisations who are working to end oppression (chosen charities tbc).

As always we will have BSL interpreters and captions at the live event and the content will be available for two months afterwards, so don’t worry if you can’t make it on the day.

See you there!

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