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Enthuse and London Marathon live Q&A

February 2022

Who was the host?

Enthuse, the online donation platform that transforms your digital fundraising and brings you closer to your supporters.

What was the event and why was it hosted?

Enthuse and London Marathon announced their exciting new partnership in February 2022. This led to a lot of questions to the Enthuse team about the platform and what the partnership meant for charities.

To bring connection and live interaction into the process, the team decided to host an online Q&A to answer everyone’s questions in a human and engaging way.

What did they do?

Enthuse pre-recorded a webinar answering all of the common questions they were getting about the partnership and hosted a live question function on the day, allowing attendees to upvote the questions they most wanted answered.

The event platform linked off to existing FAQ pages to maximise on content reach as well as a direct email function to allow for a more personal contact.

What did they achieve?

Apart from humanising contact and simplifying the question and answering process, Enthuse were able to save time and maximise reach by bringing 490 fundraisers together to answer their questions in one space.

Why did we love it?

Video and live stream events are a brilliant way to connect with your audience and build a community. We love that Enthuse and London Marathon chose to bring people together in an online space to be open about their Q&A process instead of using email or blogs.

Our Q&A technology meant questions were easy to manage for both hosts and attendees; similar questions were grouped together, top questions were highlighted first, and answered questions were removed from the list.

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