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1300 – 1400

Welcome and opening Plenary
Lucy Gower, Founder of Lucidity Network – The Power of Storytelling

Whatever your fundraising role or level, your ability to tell powerful stories with passion and conviction is the secret to engaging and inspiring your supporters, volunteers and colleagues and delivering the most impact for the cause you fundraise for. In this practical session we’ll explore why storytelling is an especially powerful tool for fundraisers from regional and small charities. You will leave with a greater confidence in your storytelling abilities and practical techniques that you can apply straight away.

1400 – 1410 


1410 – 1455 


ROOM ONE – Tackling the challenges and shining a light on great fundraiser recruitment 
Polly Symondson is mega passionate about doing so much better with recruitment in the charity sector. Polly and guests will explore how to reach more candidates, champion inclusivity, value every applicant and design an entire hiring process that has strong stewardship at its heart. You’ll hear from organisations getting it right and leave armed with the tools to make the ‘not so right’ better for everyone.

ROOM TWO – The Power of Words – philanthropic psychology meets copywriting
Jen Shang, Professor of Philanthropic Psychology, Institute for Sustainable Philanthropy
In this special session, Jen Shang, professor of philanthropic psychology, will take a dive into the nuances of fundraising copywriting from a philanthropic psychology perspective. Using real-life examples, Jen will share the practical implications that have helped non-profits around the world raise more money by shifting their focus from the money to the person. Based on several years of research, Jen will explain the elements of fundraising wellbeing and how these can be applied in the copywriting context, presenting an exciting new opportunity to build supporter loyalty.
ROOM THREE – Trusts and Foundations – what do they really (really) want?
Join Richard Newton to explore what makes trust funders’ eyes light up. He’ll unpack some myths, explore some recent examples of huge successes and highlight what you can do to make your funding applications fly high.

1455 – 1505


1505 – 1550


ROOM ONE – Don’t let the big charities dominate with digital – a panel discussion
Alex Aggidis, Fundraising Everywhere’s Head of Growth Marketing, will be joined by Carla Ankiah from Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland, Tom Murtagh from the National Deaf Children’s Society, Emma Halahan from Dogstar Foundation and Alex Gregg from Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance. Together they will explore how we can blaze a trail with digital even if we’re not one of the big national charity brands.

ROOM TWO – Working through the menopause – why did nobody tell me how shit this can be!
Emma Malcolm, Director of Fundraising & Marketing, Macular Society.
Women make up almost 51% of the population and all will go through the menopause at some point. Whilst every single one of them will experience the loss of hormones, some women will find it easier to get through than others. With a predominantly female workforce, how can we ensure that we support all these women so we don’t lose this wealth of knowledge and expertise? Emma will share her journey through the menopause fog, what she wishes she had known before it started, and how she is helping her organisation to support everyone through their own menopause journey.

ROOM THREE – Seize corporate opportunities in a crisis
Nicola O’Donnell, Partnerships Manager at Remarkable Partnerships
Despite all the doom and gloom of the cost-of-living crisis, one phrase keeps going through my mind: “Out of darkness cometh light.” This is the motto of the city of Wolverhampton. It’s an optimistic and hopeful message, which feels so appropriate right now. That’s because corporate-charity partnerships are a huge opportunity in the crisis. We saw it in the pandemic, and we will see it again now. Our session will share tips on how to develop business skills by being more engaging, focusing on the right prospects, delivering compelling opportunities, and securing more meetings with companies.

1550 – 1600


1600 – 1700

Final Plenary
Harnessing the power of authentic community engagement to deliver change

Bushra Ahmed will close our conference exploring how we can utilise the powerful tools available to us at grass-roots community levels to mobilise and sustain the positive change we want to see for our beneficiaries. This is not about self-preservation but empowering the communities around us. 

Bushra is an experienced charity sector leader and campaigner and a trustee for Lloyds Bank Foundation, HomeStartUK and various other charities.

In conversation with Paul Courtney, Bushra will share powerful stories, challenge us to look at our structures and cultures and end our conference focused on what’s really important.



It’s said that, to understand your future, you have to understand your past.

At the heart of that truth, in the world you and we share, is data.

Great data. 

Great data managed with a care and precision that recognises it for what it is: your most valuable resource.

Great data that empowers you to fulfil your missions by nurturing lifetime relationships with supporters. 

That’s why we do what we do, and have done since our first day in the sector, nigh-on 35 years ago. It’s in our DNA.

Fundraising Jobs was launched in March 2020 with the hope of providing a fair platform for all charities, large or small, to be able to advertise to the same fundraisers for the same fee.

We treat all the adverts equally with no additional costs for branding, positioning or prevalence on the site.

We know the charity sector is made up of organisations who want to change the world for the better, Fundraising Jobs showcases these causes to world changing candidates.

We continue to grow and now to date, over 400 charities have chosen to advertised with us.

GivePanel is the “power tool” to supercharge Facebook Fundraising. Our mission is to help nonprofits do more with their Facebook Fundraising in less time and with less hassle; raising more funds, building long-lasting supporter relationships and running Facebook Challenges all in one place. 

Find out more and book a demo: givepanel.com.

Making a Difference Locally (MADL) is a charity launched to help independently run local stores to add value to their communities #MakingADifferenceLocally.

The charity helps the stores achieve this by allowing them to nominate charities or good causes that are local to them to receive a specific donation from us. Donations may be to local sports teams, hospices or one of the many charities operating in the UK.

Need to know more? Read our About MADL section, read the success stories or get in touch if you have any questions about Making a Difference Locally, we would love to answer them for you.

Richard Newton Consulting is delighted to be supporting the Fundraising in the Margins Conference.

Since our launch in 2011, RNC has supported hundreds of not-for-profit organisations with their fundraising and raised millions of pounds to respond to ever-increasing demands due to the pandemic, the cost-of-living crisis and growing societal inequalities.

We work with a breadth of sectors including social welfare and reform, international development, health and social care, post-16 training and arts and heritage. We support both capital and revenue funding. Being based outside of London, the majority of organisations we work with have small in-house fundraising teams.

Our fundraising expertise

We are experts in the full funding mix including –

  • Public sector and commissioned income
  • Lottery sources
  • Trusts and foundations
  • Advice on high net worth
  • Membership schemes
  • Charity’s lotteries
  • Regular giving
  • Corporate support
  • Retail
  • Legacies
  • Community fundraising

How we work

Our work with a client is always informed by a client’s needs. We have no prescribed approach other than what works best for our client.

We can deliver a fully outsourced fundraising service or work with a client’s in-house team on a co-delivery basis. Co-delivery can follow a range of styles from bid-writing for identified opportunities, coaching to develop the client’s long-term capacity or mentoring / peer review of a client’s strategy and operations to reduce costs.

Our services include –

  • Development and review of income generation strategies
  • Support with tender responses, and health checks to ensure organisations are tender / commissioning ready
  • Developing and refreshing the case for support
  • Bid specific support
  • Development of new income streams
  • Capital appeals
  • Interim cover
  • Donor research and prospecting
  • Fundraising management to ensure compliance with the Fundraising Code and other regulatory requirements

RNC is a member of the Fundraising Regulator and the Chartered Institute of Fundraising.

Every member of our growing team has worked in a delivery role within the charitable and not-for-profit sectors, and most of us are trustees of organisations. As such we ‘get it’.

Wider service elements

And we’ve evolved to offer different service elements in recognition of income generation’s relationship with an organisation’s strategic planning and operational delivery.  

RNC offers:

  • Strategic and operational support in funding and fundraising
  • Organisational governance
  • Business planning and feasibility studies
  • Research and consultation
  • Quality assurance and impact
  • Evaluation

We bring a mix of strategic insight, practical skills, and realism to the delivery of projects.

We look forward to meeting our fundraising colleagues from across the UK at the event.    


Follow us @RNewtonConsult

Contact us at info@richard-newton.co.uk

Remarkable Partnerships helps charities to build and deliver ambitious corporate partnerships based on shared purpose.

At the Institute for Sustainable Philanthropy, we believe the role of fundraising should be to grow the love that is at the core of philanthropy.

The new science of Philanthropic Psychology focuses on who your donors are as individuals, and how you can create loving experiences that will feel genuinely warm to them.

And our research shows that caring for donors in a way which stewards their capacity to love can not only double giving, it can also sustain it.

Find out more about Philanthropic Psychology and a new approach to supporter wellbeing: https://www.philanthropy-institute.org.uk/

Click here to visit our reports page for free access to all of our reports.

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