Fundraising through social networking platforms is not just the future.

It’s arrived.

So much is going on, whether it be virtual events run entirely on Facebook or innovation on TikTok that we wanted to host the very first event for nonprofit fundraisers dedicated to raising money on 3rd party social platforms.

We will showcase tangible case studies of nonprofits taking advantage of these opportunities right now and have an honest discussion about the challenges this new way fundraising presents.

This summit is not just for social fundraising specialists it’s for everyone looking to embrace the changes and challenges of this new frontier.

Through this two day event, you will learn:

  • How a leading Irish Hospital foundation uses Facebook Groups and Facebook fundraisers to generate their largest fundraising channel
  • The best way nonprofits are using Instagram for fundraising
  • How a US Cancer charity ran a virtual event entirely on Facebook
  • Lessons learned from the first ever Tik Tok fundraising test
  • How a small UK animal charity raises £10,000 a month from simple Facebook donate button posts
  • Hear the experts view on how 3rd party platforms are changing the fundraising landscape.
  • Is Facebook Birthday fundraising still “a thing”?
  • How you could use Spotify to raise money for your charity
  • Tips on how to raise funds with YouTube and Twitch streamers for your nonprofit
  • How GivePanel’s brand-new Facebook fundraising tools are changing the game for Facebook events
  • A Q&A session with Anita Yuen from Facebook’s Social Impact team


With bonus sessions including: Lee Clark from GivePenny explaining why playlist fundraising on Spotify is taking off, Laeti Martin from Nick Burne Consulting on the success of Facebook Post Donate Buttons at Birdlife and Lan Freitag from Children’s Cancer Research Fund sharing her best kept secrets to getting (and using!) Facebook Fundraiser Data.


On day 2, we are also running a separate exclusive training day dedicated to maximising the opportunities from Facebook fundraising specifically – giving you the chance to apply some of what you’ve just heard. Hear from experts at GivePanel about how our clients are growing their Facebook income 10x.

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March event only: March 18th 2021
Access to main summit only and recordings for 12 months


10am – 4pm GMT


Pay As You Want

Full access: March 18th & 19th 2021
Full access to the main summit all the recordings for 12 months, as well as training intensive day


10am – 4pm GMT



Speakers & Sessions

Day 1


Nick Burne & Jill O’Herlihy – GivePanel


Keynote – Insights from the first Facebook Fundraising Benchmark Report
Nick Burne – GivePanel


How To Run Fundraising Groups on Facebook
David Burns – The Mater Foundation Ireland


How to raise £8,000 a month with a £10 a day budget using Facebook’s Donate Button
Wendy Ahl – Safe Haven for Donkeys


Don’t be scared of TikTok
Tom Downie – Tiltify


Expert Panel – How are 3rd party social platforms changing the landscape of nonprofit fundraising?
Wendy Plumb – Samaritans, Amin Tehrani – Revunami, Carla Ankiah – Autism Assistance Dogs, Paul De Gregorio – Rally




How it pays to LOVE on your Facebook fundraisers
Athar Abidi – British Heart Foundation


Instagram fundraising – the now and the future
Julia Campbell & Josh Hirsch


Stepping with Purpose: How the Roswell Park Alliance Foundation utilized a Facebook challenge to bring a community together online and fundraise for cancer patients
Allison Lockwood & –  Samantha Janik – Roswell Park Alliance Foundation USA


A special new feature announcment from GivePanel!
Nick Burne –  GivePanel


How do I fundraise on YouTube and Twitch with Content creators?
Eric Freytag – Streamlabs


Playlist Fundraising
Lee Clark – GivePenny


Fireside Chat with Anita Yuen, Social Impact Partnerships at Facebook
Anita Yuen –  Facebook & Nick Burne – GivePanel


Closing comments
Nick Burne – GivePanel

Day 2


Introduction to Facebook Challenges – how and why they work + Q&A
Nick Burne & Jill O’Herlihy – GivePanel


Ideation and Planning your First Facebook Challenge  + Q&A
Nick Burne & Jill O’Herlihy – GivePanel


How to Create a Hyper-Engaged Community for your Facebook Challenge + Q&A
Nick Burne & Jill O’Herlihy – GivePanel




How to fill up your Facebook Challenge using Facebook Ads + Q&A
Nick Burne & Jill O’Herlihy – GivePanel


How To Manage Stewardship, Data and Reporting for your Facebook Challenge + Q&A
Nick Burne & Jill O’Herlihy – GivePanel


All attendees to the main event will gain access to the first ever GivePanel Facebook Fundraising Benchmarks Report and a full digital delegate bag. Those attending the training intensive will get the Facebook Challenge playbook and a bonus 2 hour masterclass on how to get more Facebook fundraisers.

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