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National Phramacy Association

National Pharmacy Association

The National Pharmacy Association is the representative voice of independent community pharmacies across the UK and a leading provider of services to the entire sector. 

Our aim is to support independent community pharmacies to succeed professionally and commercially for the benefit of their patients. As a not-for-profit organisation, we are committed to reinvesting in service provision. 

Your local independent pharmacy has a range of new services available to you e.g. the NHS Community Pharmacy Blood Pressure Check Service, the NHS New Medicine Service, help to quit smoking and other lifestyle/preventative support, flu vaccinations and more. 

For more information on any of these services – ask your pharmacist or visit



Careline365 are a national provider of 24/7 monitored personal alarm solutions. With each associated sale Careline365 donate £40 to the Stroke Association.

A personal alarm provides a way to call for assistance should you fall, feel unwell, or have a medical emergency.

Careline personal alarms come with a pendant that connects to a 24/7 emergency response team via the press of a button or automatic fall detection. Stroke survivors live with an increased risk of experiencing a secondary stroke. Therefore the 24/7 monitoring and emergency response that a personal alarm provides is vital.

Personal alarm benefits for stroke survivors:

  • 24/7 emergency response monitoring
  • Peace of mind and reassurance for the user and their family
  • Regain independence and confidence during rehabilitation
  • Optional fall detection which will trigger an emergency alert automatically if the user is unable, or unconscious, following a fall
  • Optional GPS technology for coverage outside the home, giving users confidence as they return to their everyday routines


For more information visit

Wiltshire Farm Foods

Wiltshire Farm Foods

Alongside its core range of over 330 ready meals, Wiltshire Farm Foods also has an award-winning range of Softer Foods, specifically developed for those with swallowing difficulties.  

With a wide variety of over 80 Level 4, 5 and 6 meals, there’s something for everyone; please do consult your Speech and Language Therapist first on guidance about which Level most appropriately meets your swallowing needs.  

The company also has a number of Registered Dietitians who work closely with its team of Chefs to create dishes which look and taste fantastic, as well as being safe to eat.  Priding itself on its good old-fashioned delivery service, the meals are delivered directly to customers’ doors by the company’s friendly, local drivers. 

For more information please visit



The Stroke Association partnership with WavMob, a trading name of Fleet UK, focuses on Driving After Stroke.

For many people, getting back behind the wheel is a big priority after a stroke if you need to drive for work, family life or leisure.

The Stroke Association’s driving after stroke guide, sponsored by WavMob, has information about how stroke and transient ischaemic attack (TIA) can affect your ability to drive and understand what to do as a driver after stroke.

For more information visit


Essential Aids

After a stroke, you may find day-to-day tasks more difficult than before.

The Essential Aids online shop includes thousands of disability living aids to assist you both inside and outside of your home. These include bathroom and kitchen aids, a range of useful items for eating, such as adapted cutlery and non-slip mats, as well as gadgets to help with dressing and other everyday tasks.

If you purchase something from Essential Aids as a stroke survivor or on their behalf, they’ll donate 5% of the item price to the Stroke Association.

For more information visit

Dobbies Garden Centres

Dobbies Garden Centres

Dobbies, the UK’s leading garden centre, has 74 stores across the UK, including 5 little dobbies in London, Bristol and Edinburgh. Dobbies exist to enrich people’s lives and nurture connections between people, the community, and the environment. This involves working with a number of national charities, of which Stroke is one of these charities.

Dobbies and Stroke Association have been working in partnership since 2020, collaborating on several initiatives to encourage donations in-store and online, as well as raising awareness of the benefits gardening can have for people of all ages and abilities, no matter the size of outside space they have. 

They have worked together to provide a range of practical and engaging tips to help people affected by stroke benefit from gardening. As a low-impact activity, it can have a positive impact on both physical and emotional recovery. 

In May this year, Dobbies donated houseplants from its award-winning RHS Chelsea Flower Show stand to Stroke Association volunteers and supporters. Dobbies will continue supporting Stroke Association by sharing more gardening advice, encouraging members and customers to make donations, and raising awareness of important Stroke initiatives. 

For more information visit Fundraising and Partnerships | Dobbies Garden Centres



We all know eating a balanced diet is important and making sensible choices today, can prevent future health conditions; however, sometimes it can be tricky to know what changes to make… or where to start! One easy place to start is by reducing your sodium intake.

Too much dietary sodium (our biggest source being salt) can cause high blood pressure, which in turn increases your risk of conditions such as stroke and heart disease.

That’s why we’re partnered with LoSalt®* (the UK’s leading reduced sodium salt) – working together to educate on why we need to reduce our salt intake, the easy ways we can do so, and the big benefits these changes can have on our overall wellbeing.

In the UK, it is recommended that we consume a maximum of 6g of salt a day, which equates to about a teaspoonful. However, on average we are eating 8.4g a day.

Making small lifestyle changes, such as eating less salt and learning to ‘season with sense’ by using a reduced-sodium salt, can help.

LoSalt® contains 66% less sodium than regular salt and is a simple switch that can have a big health benefit. Whether you cook, bake or season with LoSalt, it can be used the exactly the same way as you would use table, sea or rock salt, without any compromise on taste.

*If you take some types of medication that affect potassium levels, LoSalt® and other reduced-sodium salt alternatives may not be suitable for you. Check with your GP for advice.*
Find out more at and

Watch more videos from LoSalt here

For activity ideas on this topic checkout the national workshop sessions on Season with Sense

all clear


The Stroke Association has partnered with AllClear who offer specialist Medical Travel Insurance.

They have provided Medical Travel Insurance for over 20 years. This includes providing comprehensive Travel Insurance for stroke survivors.

AllClear specialises in cover for older travellers and those with pre-existing medical conditions. They offer both single trip and annual multi-trip policies.

AllClear Stroke Travel Insurance includes

  • Emergency medical expenses of up to £15 million
  • Access to a 24-hour medical emergency helpline you can call in the event of a medical emergency.
  • Cancellation cover up to


For a Travel Insurance quote, call 0808 168 8711 or visit

ability net

Ability Net

AbilityNet is a charity that exists to change the lives of disabled and older people by helping them to use technology at work, at home or in education. Our Free Services include a free advice line, tech volunteers providing free remote support and home visits, and a range of free online resources. We continue to work with the Stroke Association to support stroke survivors to get online, increase digital confidence and adapt their devices to make them easier to use.

There are many ways that assistive technology can help to improve confidence and the quality of life for people affected by stroke, including by:

  • Making computers and tablets easier to use
  • Supporting physical therapy
  • Helping with cognitive difficulties
  • Making communication more effective.


For further information visit 

Or contact AbilityNet directly on: 


InterAct Stroke Support is a charity dedicated to supporting stroke recovery through reading.

By using professional actors to deliver a stimulating and rich variety of reading material, specially selected to suit the needs of stroke patients, InterAct works to stimulate memory, language, and lift spirits.

Following a stroke, reading and conversational interaction stimulates the brain, boosts memory and communication skills, improves mood and alleviates depression.

InterAct can provide one-to-one support or as part of group activities offering a variety of support tailored to your members and preferences

Group sessions can last from 40 minutes – 1 hour, with group activities such as quizzes integrated, as well as story readings.

For more information about InterAct visit

Or get in touch:

We Are Undefeatable

We Are Undefeatable

We Are Undefeatable is a movement involving 15 charities, including Stroke Association, that encourages people with long term health conditions to be active in a way that works for them. The collaboration is backed by expertise and National Lottery funding from Sport England.

The campaign features the real-life experiences of over 25 people with long term health conditions getting active despite the ups, downs and unpredictability of their condition. It also aims to provide motivation by showing how small amounts of physical activity can help you to enjoy the little things in life more.

After her stroke, Zoe found that being consistent with her exercises helped her to recover and get back to doing the things she loved like driving, going to restaurants with friends, and styling her hair just the way she likes it.

Visit to find more stories like Zoe’s. or the Supporters Hub

Stroke support groups can get more involved with We Are Undefeatable by:

  • Signing up to the Supporter’s Hub to access promotional materials to help spread the campaign message.
  • Link the campaign to your own activities and services on offer locally. For example, you could utilise Phil’s story or Zoe’s story to inspire others to be active.
  • Access our YouTube Channel to access a range of exercise routines that are suitable for people with a range of long term health conditions.
  • Help Stroke Survivors find their ‘way to move’ by exploring our webpage
    For activity ideas on this topic checkout the national workshop sessions on Physical Activity in Support Groups
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