Group Exchange Area

A big part of the former face-to-to face event was the Club Exchange.  This was the vibrant area where you’d share ideas for activities, your creativity and celebrate your successes and achievements from you own group with others leaders and volunteers. 


In this new online Group Exchange area you will find a range of montages and information from the last 12 months. This includes photos, videos, quotes, newsletters and updates from groups across the network. Each showing casing the imaginative activities, camaraderie, tips in life after stroke and lots of laughter that you have delivered whilst staying connected and supporting your members. 


Some of this material has been added to the montage video and others have been shared for you to see here in more detail.

Our own wellbeing is very important. Check out the session from last year’s UK Stroke Club Conference called ‘Well-being – Looking after yourself, volunteers and your members‘. This explores the importance of our own wellbeing and that of those around us. Giving you some time for yourself and ideas to try with your members. This includes a taster session of mindfulness lead by Katherine Charles, a mindfulness practitioner who has used this technique to help with her own stroke journey. 

Group Exchange Area

Welcome to our vibrant Group Exchange area, a place where groups can share their successes and achievements. Click through the various tags for each group to pick up activity ideas, and feel inspired and connected to your community of stroke support groups.

This area brings the spirit of groups to life. Showcasing the imaginative activities, camaraderie, and lots of laughter while staying connected and supporting your members. 

The content in this Group Exchange has been provided by individual groups from across the network. Thank you all for your support.

If you would like to find out more about any of the activities or make contact with a group email us at and we will connect you.

Carmarthen Stroke Group

See our selection of photographs and videos of some of the activities and trips we have been able to enjoy since our return to face to face meetings after Covid. 

We have been able to have several new interesting speakers and activities this year and here are a list of some of the activities we’ve enjoyed:

  • Boccia
  • Arts Care Willow Weaving
  • Arts4Wellbeing session
  • Chair yoga with Izzy
  • Singing with Maya
  • Jubilee strawberry tea
  • Burns foundation Kidwelly Visit
  • Met the reading dogs
  • Folly Farm outing
  • Movement & music with Akash 
  • Making Welsh cakes on March 1st
  • Poetry Reading and storytelling by Sue & John
  • Visit to Botanical Gardens followed by afternoon tea
  • Visit to Pontardulais garden Centre to buy seeds, followed by planting the seeds
  • Visit to allotments next door
  • Cake Decorating
  • Visit to Senedd
  • Craft heat transfer
  • Seated movement by Abbie
  • Copper hammering with Laura


We have also been fortunate to have several new members in our Carmarthen Group. We hope these photographs show how much our members enjoy our weekly meetings.

Buddug Thomas (Volunteer Carmarthen Group, West Wales)

Clare’s Croydon Group

Here is an activity idea created by Julie Balman. 

This activity keeps all the group amused and everyone is able to participate. 

It is simply spreading the images and mixing them around on a table. Each person takes a turn to find pairs e.g. rain drops go with an umbrella or a toothie smile with toothpaste on a brush.  

Also, the same cards, spread on the table then words have to be put with the right image. There may be other versions out there, but this simple effort works quite well, and our group seem to enjoy it.  

Fun4Stroke Group

Here are some photos and activities from the Fun4stroke group shared by Susan Schofield.

I am not technical but during the pandemic I started the on-line Bingo.

I would email their ticket and the link to the zoom to play bingo. We started with members donating items for the line & house and then I would deliver the prizes to their doorsteps! We have continued with the Bingo monthly still on-line but use scratch cards for prizes so I can post the prize to the winners. One lady won another £15 on hers so it was win win!!

Since face to face has restarted we have enjoyed seated yoga and craft sessions hosted by members of the group. 

I have even done a salt presentation highlighting the amount of daily salt recommended, an idea I got from the national workshop Season with Sense. I delivered this to our group and the Bolton Aphasia group too. Feedback from both groups was good and eye opening for many of them.

We also enjoyed fish & chips at Banny’s restaurant around the time of the queens jubilee/birthday.

Lincoln and District Stroke Club

Stroke North

Platinum award winners Chard and Crewkerne After Stroke Group

We are delighted to announce that three stroke support group volunteers have been awarded Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Champion Awards for outstanding contributions as volunteers. Click here to read their stories.

Cuckfield Stroke Communication Group

Kendal Speakability Self-Help Group

Activity idea – Words of the week

This is an activity set up by Tayside Speech and Language.  

By clicking on the coloured link you can see a mix of stories from the past week.  

These can be used to practise speech and open up discussions.

Follow this link for an example WordsoftheWeek

For more details click this link Adult Acquired SLT Tayside

For Kendal Speakability quizzes click here

Second Chance Stroke Club

Second Chance Stroke Group

Stowmarket Stroke Support Group

Our Group has been going for over 25 years, and has been self-funding since 2008. 

We have had lots of fun over the years and some of the photos show our heritage. 

Over the years we have enjoyed many activities such as:

  • Campaign day for our 10th anniversary in 2018 – Attended by their local MP (Jill Churchill) and town Mayor, plus other members of the public. 
  • And many Make May Purple celebrations supported by the Mayor and the local community.
  • We enjoy singing and music sessions organised by Chloë a Speech and Language Therapist who has supported the group as a volunteer. There is a short video of this. 
  • More recently with the relaxing of covid restrictions we held our first open air gathering held in a cafe area (all of our sessions focus on food!) at the East Anglian Museum of Life, 2021. 
  • And a trip to the seaside, only a thunderstorm caught us out….
  • We love a party and have had many Christmas, summer and Easter celebrations.
  • We enjoy a range of painting sessions, carpet bowls, and various fun quizzes that have been adapted following covid.


You can take a look at some of our quiz ideas that have included:

  • Reminiscence sessions ‘where were you when …..?’
    These could be a quiz or a discussion topic. 
  • ‘Desert Island Discs’ based on the Radio 4 programme.
    Members were asked to bring along a CD (or simply tell us) of a favourite song/music and what made it special. For those who didn’t have a CD we played music from YouTube (but any similar app will do as well). It went well – we had the more agile ones dancing to songs or singing along with them. 
  • Name that Song sessions where we choose the music for a quiz.
    It worked, but that is quite hard! We had to give plenty of clues. 
  • Tray Game we did just after the relaxation of COVID controls.
    We were still avoiding paper, pencil and objects sharing, etc, so we did a presentation of a tray game. We let members see some objects for a minute, covered them with a ‘cloth’ and write (or say) as many as they could remember, then remove the cloth to see again. The good fun was that we weren’t tied to real objects, so you will see how widely we spread the net! 
  • Guess the celebrities, providing clues and questions to help people.
  • Find the hidden pigs! We wondered if it the hidden pigs quiz might be too hard but most members did very well!


Alan Moore, Volunteer

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