GivingTuesday Leadership Summit

24-26 May 2022

Full Summit Agenda

*Subject to change and updated regularly

DAY ONE - May 24: World of Radical Generosity

10am EDT
Welcome: One Resilient Movement

10:15 am EDT
Panel discussion: Celebrating Generosity Around The World

Breakouts: (Leader-led breakout sessions)
Traditions and ideas share

10:55am EDT
Panel discussion: State of the Movement and Looking to the Future
Asha Curran, GIvingTuesday CEO
Woodrow Rosenbaum, GivingTuesday, Chief Data Officer

11:15 EDT
Panel discussion: Tracking Impact: Setting a baseline for your community and supporting collaboration
Jesse Bourns and Lexa Wilson, GivingTuesday Data Team

11:55 EDT
Breakouts: (Leader-led breakout sessions)
Our Next Ten: Ideas for future of the movement

12:15pm EDT
Panel discussion: What’s the Wiki?!
Lexa Wilson, Data Commons Team

12:30pm EDT
Wrap Up of Day

DAY TWO - May 25: Leading Inspiration, Action & Resilience

9am EDT: Meet the GivingTuesday Team (optional)

9:10 EDT: Breakouts: (Leader-led breakout sessions)
Meet your fellow leaders – popcorn style!

10am EDT
Welcome: How we lead

10:10 am EDT
Panel discussion: Strength through generosity: supporting civil society in our time of greatest need
Moderated by Z.J. Jallah

10:58 am EDT
Breakouts: (Leader-led breakout sessions)

  • Leading in hybrid world: balancing engagement online and in person
  • Leading with limited resources
  • Leading a year-round effort

11:55 am EDT
Panel discussion: Messaging to Rally Your Community
Moderated by Kat Murphy, GivingTuesday
Marjorie Maas, ShareOmaha
Claudia Loewe, GivingTuesday Germany

12:10 pm EDT
Breakouts: (Leader-led breakout sessions)

  • Delivering your message to NGOs
  • Delivering your message to general public
  • Delivering your message to youth
  • Delivering your message to corporate and strategic partners
  • Delivering your message to community leader and civic groups

12:30pm EDT Close of Day 2

DAY THREE - May 26: Building Self and Finding Strength

9am EDT-10am EDT: AMA with GT team members in breakout rooms (optional)

10am EDT
A word from our Founder: Henry Timms, Founder of GivingTuesday

10:15 EDT
Power Up: Investing in yourself as a leader and changemaker
Lee Bonvessuto, Communication Coach + Founder at PresentVoices
Rahma Ahmed, Managing Director at Asal Consulting
Yasmin Yonis, Movement Chaplain at Justice for Muslim Collective

11:00am EDT
Breakouts with each speaker:

  • Finding your confidence and voice: motivating yourself and others
  • Being a mindful leader for your team and community
  • Preventing the overwhelm: How to manage GT with everything else

12:00 pm EDT
Final Wrap-up and goodbyes

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