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For a small monthly or annual fee get access to everything. (Use discount code ‘SMALL22’ to get your first month free. Or chat to us about annual, group and organisational membership!)

Engaging and accessible legacy events that can reach anyone, anywhere. Chat to one of our team today to find out how we’ve supported over 400 charities with their virtual events. Email: simon@everywhereplus.com

BONUS SESSION: Data and reporting management

BOOK A DEMO of Giving Checkout with JustGiving

At JustGiving we believe every charity deserves to achieve its mission, and our new donation tool, Giving Checkout, can help you save money. It’s a donation button and form that’s helped hundreds of organisations, just like yours, receive one-off and recurring donations with no platform fees or hidden costs. It also gives your supporters the option to donate via PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay or any major credit or debit card all from one form.

Watch a demo (or book a call) here

Special Offer from Roots + Wings

Do you feel isolated and alone working for a small charity? Have you been wrestling with a problem you can’t solve? Do you wish you had experienced and knowledgeable colleagues to talk over a challenge and brainstorm a solution? 

We’re offering a free hour of consultation with one of the Roots + Wings co-founders to ten attendees of the Fundraising Everywhere Small Charity Virtual Conference. It’s first come, first served – book now!

Sponsored by Roots + Wings

Roots + Wings is a holistic charity management consultancy, supporting non-profit organisations of all sizes to maximise their potential, run by Shivonne Graham and Lucy Scanlon. We are in the business of charity evolution – we will help you take your organisation from start-up to sustainable, from hand-to-mouth to going concern, and if you’re good already, how to get to great and world-class.

We offer our clients bespoke support on all areas of charity management including fundraising, marketing & communications, governance & leadership, organisational strategy and talent management.

Whatever your size and scope, the answer to your challenge, the solution to your problem, is already there. We can help you find it and bring it to light. How do we know? Because we’ve been doing it for the last 25 years.

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