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Virtual events are here to stay – and whilst we’ve tried and tested throughout the pandemic, it’s time now to work smarter, not harder.

Join the experts for any or all of our free virtual sessions helping you to bring your own virtual and hybrid events to the next level.

These sessions are open to all – whether you host your events on Everywhere+ or not. Afterwards, there will also be a roundtable discussion to share ideas and learnings, as well as networking opportunities with other event organisers like you.

If you have any questions at all please reach out to simon@everywhereplus.com

How we created an attendee-first hybrid event experience: Q&A with NHS Charities Together

NHS Charities Together’s hybrid members conference is regularly held up as a top example of an excellent event experience in the sector.
Find out how they did it!
We chat with Director of Fundraising, Louise McCathie, about how they planned the event and what key things you need to consider when organising for online and in-person audiences.
You will learn:
  • What you need to host a hybrid event
  • How to elevate the event experience for all audiences
  • How to overcome hybrid event hosting challenges
There will be a live Q&A session in our breakout room following the chat with Louise for you to ask questions relevant to your own organisation.
The session will be recorded (without the breakout room Q&A) if you’re not able to attend live.
The session will be subtitled using automated subtitles. Please let us know before February 20th if you have additional accessibility needs.

Stewardship: How to Host a *Virtual* Welcome for Challenge Fundraisers

Stewardship events are a proven method for increasing income and reducing attrition – and with many events fundraisers facing uncertainty around participant numbers, stewardship events offer a key touchpoint to engage, educate, and appreciate.

Join us on January 12th to learn how to craft a virtual welcome event for your challenge fundraisers including:

  • How to market your event
  • A template of what and who to include (just plug in your content and go!)
  • How to increase event engagement

How to use virtual events to raise and make more money

Virtual events have been proven to be an effective community-building and stewardship tool, but there is also money magic to be achieved before you go live.

In this webinar, we’ll share the tried and tested ways to use virtual events, webinars, and conferences to boost your income by:

working with sponsors and weaving them into your event
pricing your virtual event correctly
making the most of evergreen income
on-the-day fundraising

How to ho ho host virtual Christmas events

Christmas is a time for bringing people together – and what better way than a virtual event!

With travel costs rising and the nights growing dark, a virtual event gives fundraisers like you the confidence to plan festive activities that are easy to attend. And with our experience of hosting thousands of virtual events for hundreds of charities, you’ll create a Christmas event that are hard to miss.

Join Everywhere+ and our charity guests to learn: what kind of virtual Christmas events your donors will love,
how to use Christmas virtual events for stewardship and fundraising, and what you need to do now for December success.

How to host successful webinars

70% of charities plan to use webinars and virtual events to stay connected with supporters, fundraise, and steward in 2022 – and for good reasons!

They’re proven to build lists, deepen relationships, and support fundraising goals for charities small to large.

In July’s free Virtual Events Masterclass webinar, we share insights, data, and guidance on hosting successful webinars.

From the best time to host to post-event stewardship, we’ll share what we have learned from hosting over 1,000 virtual events for organisations in the not-for-profit sector.

The Future of Virtual Events 2022 Research Insights

With the return of in-person events in 2022 many charities are torn between mediums. Virtual is reliable and sustainable, but in-person brings interaction and familiarity. But which is best?

Learn more about our brand-new research into the impact of live virtual events, conducted in partnership with JustGiving, to discover what place virtual events have in fundraising programmes for 2022 and beyond; and how to overcome the common barriers like time and cost.

In this webinar we share: Where virtual events have their biggest impact; How charities are using virtual events internally and externally; What good looks like and how to do it for less time and money; and more.

How to beat Zoom fatigue: top tips for engaging virtual events

Your supporters aren’t bored of virtual events, they’re bored of boring virtual events.

With the launch of last month’s Live Virtual Events Report, we know that virtual events help strengthen stewardship activity, raise more money, and help charities overcome wider challenges including data ownership and sustainability.

Now is the time to continue to level up your online experience, not move away from them completely.

Join us on June 28th to find out how to do this with simple and effective way to wow your donors and colleagues with your virtual events.

How To Be More Accessible With Virtual Events

In the UK, 1 in 5 people have a disability. With the use of virtual events set to rise from 2022, it’s important that accessibility is planned from day one to reach more people, give fair access and opportunities, and include all of your audience.

In this webinar we share: How to plan inclusive virtual events, what tools are available to improve accessibility, what common problems event hosts face and how to overcome them, and more.

How to use virtual events to win high value donations

How to use virtual events to win high value donations

In this webinar, you will learn how virtual events can help you steward high value donors, including major donors and corporates. Nikki uses several examples of events to show and discuss elements that can be added to enhance event experience.

How to use virtual events to support other income streams

You’ve missed the networking and the live Q&A, but it’s not too late to watch back February’s session. Get instant access to discover how virtual events can support other income streams and how to plan them into your 2022 strategy.

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