Simplicity in Virtual Events

We’ve been hosting virtual events since 2019, and in the past two years our biggest piece to advice to virtual event hosts is, ‘keep it simple’. Simple virtual events are successful. They are easier to organise, attend, and navigate. They have ‘experience’ at their heart and are all about ensuring the attendee feels they can […]

5 Ways to Incorporate Text Giving into Your Virtual Event

Whilst we are beginning to see a return to in-person fundraising, now is not the time to abandon virtual events. Virtual events allow you to reach wider audiences, be more accessible and see a greater return on investment. The future is hybrid. When planning your next virtual event, you’ll need a quick, easy and contactless […]

Predicted Fundraising Trends For 2021

2020 was a challenging year for the charity sector, but it also proved that it is resilient and versatile too. The coronavirus outbreak caused the economy to go into recession, something which has historically led to a decrease in charity donations in the past. But surprisingly, according to a recent study by Open, donations actually increased […]

How to scale up your virtual event

Virtual event planning in 2020 was all about the (Ross from Friends voice) pivot – and now we’re almost halfway through 2021, our sights will (and should) be set on bigger things. With virtual events proven to be an effective engagement and fundraising tool with a brilliant ROI, charities are beginning to think about the […]

A Step By Step Guide To Planning Your Own Virtual Fundraising Event

Planning a virtual fundraising event, especially if it’s your first one, can seem pretty daunting. We all live busy lives, and as a result, fundraising might not be your top priority – especially if you factor in the work involved in actually setting up and hosting your own event.  But even if your time and […]

Why Your Charity Should Host A Virtual Fundraising Event

Funraising events have always been a good way to raise money and gather support for your nonprofit’s chosen cause. But due to Covid-19 and social distancing restrictions, many of these in-person events have been postponed or cancelled.  A year on since the outbreak of coronavirus, charities and other nonprofit organisations are having to adapt and […]

All You Need To Know About Virtual Fundraising

As the uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic continues, it’s clear that virtual fundraising campaigns are here to stay. Last year, thousands of in-person fundraising events were cancelled due to Covid-19, but the charity sector adapted quickly to virtual fundraising. As a result of this, nonprofit organisations have survived and look set to continue to grow […]

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