Charity Events And The Metaverse

Person in the dark with lights all over their body - metaverse depiction

Whether you are excited or confused about it, the metaverse is coming and charities need to be prepared for the opportunities it will bring and the way it will shape our donor’s world.

In this article we’ll explore how the metaverse will affect charity events including conferences, fundraising, and stewardship events.

Are The Rising Costs Affecting Events?

Are the rising costs affecting events?

We always knew that 2022 was going to be an unsettled year for events; with postponed events crammed into a summer of activity and organisations finding a way to balance online with in-person.

But now with a winter of rising costs looming, the events climate is shifting once again and event organisers are asking important questions about the viability of events, both in-person and online, and what to expect in the months ahead.

Enthuse London Marathon Q&A – Feb 22

Hassle-free hosting for your next online event, done-for-you online events management that’ll take your stress away…and your delegates breath away!​ Get In Touch Enthuse and London Marathon live Q&A February 2022 Who was the host? Enthuse, the online donation platform that transforms your digital fundraising and brings you closer to your supporters. What was […]

Simplicity in Virtual Events

We’ve been hosting virtual events since 2019, and in the past two years our biggest piece to advice to virtual event hosts is, ‘keep it simple’. Simple virtual events are successful. They are easier to organise, attend, and navigate. They have ‘experience’ at their heart and are all about ensuring the attendee feels they can […]

5 Ways to Incorporate Text Giving into Your Virtual Event

Whilst we are beginning to see a return to in-person fundraising, now is not the time to abandon virtual events. Virtual events allow you to reach wider audiences, be more accessible and see a greater return on investment. The future is hybrid. When planning your next virtual event, you’ll need a quick, easy and contactless […]

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