The Donor Christmas Party Opportunity

Two dogs dressed in Christmas costumes - one with reindeer antlers and the other with an elf hat. Red background.

Costs are rising, and event costs are no exception. Couple this with colder, darker nights and concerns around a new wave of infections – understandably, many are asking questions about the viability of in-person events this winter.

The value of Christmas celebrations can’t be understated. And, if you’re starting to panic about your donor Christmas events, you’re in the right place.

Flying Without Wings: Is This The Future Of Virtual Networking?

Photo of an outdoor film screening

For many, networking is already difficult and awkward…moving it on to a zoom call or a video chatroom has just made it even worse.

I know when faced with the prospect of video chatting with strangers after a long virtual conference I would much rather log out, close my laptop and go and live my life.

Charity Events And The Metaverse

Person in the dark with lights all over their body - metaverse depiction

Whether you are excited or confused about it, the metaverse is coming and charities need to be prepared for the opportunities it will bring and the way it will shape our donor’s world.

In this article we’ll explore how the metaverse will affect charity events including conferences, fundraising, and stewardship events.

Are The Rising Costs Affecting Events?

Are the rising costs affecting events?

We always knew that 2022 was going to be an unsettled year for events; with postponed events crammed into a summer of activity and organisations finding a way to balance online with in-person.

But now with a winter of rising costs looming, the events climate is shifting once again and event organisers are asking important questions about the viability of events, both in-person and online, and what to expect in the months ahead.

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